Office 2016 Suite for Mac: Rapprochement with Windows 10

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Office 2016 Suite for Mac: Rapprochement with Windows 10

Microsoft continues to bet on the issue of cross-platform applications that must have a single interface. Already represented Office 2016 for the operating system Apple OS X.

Soon, five years will have passed since when Microsoft released version Office 2011 suite for Mac, that happened in October 2010 year. The final version of Office for Mac 2016 is not yet ready for release, so March 5 developers have released a free pre-release version for Mac users on OS X, giving users office 2016 for mac product key the opportunity to get acquainted with the results of their labors.

Microsoft Office suite spread pays a lot of attention already releasing it to Apple’s iPad tablet, integrating applications to cloud storage, Dropbox and purchasing application Acompli Office, which became the basis for iOS and Android. Office for Mac 2016 will become another product, windows key activator online, resulting from Microsoft’s emphasis on cross-platform applications, and now it will be comparable with Windows option.

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The first thing that catches your eye when you are installing Office for Mac 2016, this light and bright user interface. Compared to him the option year 2011 looks outdated.

But its interface is not completely has been replaced-the new version looks like a combination of Design Office for Windows and Office for Mac 2011.

The result was a familiar tape the Ribbon user interface, combined with the appearance of OS X and system functions, such as sandboxing applications, full screen mode and Retina display, office mac product key free, under which the new Office is optimized.

As in Office 2013 for Windows, Microsoft Office integrated in 2016 for Mac support to its cloud-based storage. This means that Office 365, OneDrive OneDrive, Sharepoint and business became part of the Office. If you use OneDrive to store and edit documents on the Tablet iPad or Windows laptop, then you get the ability to quickly access and with Office for Mac 2016. Strategy of cross-platform applications, Microsoft, working in the cloud, became a reality, and the puzzle was based on one of the last pieces.

Word 2016 on Mac looks like iOS and Windows options. office 2016 mac keygen. Microsoft has introduced support for the “sponsors”, i.e. simultaneous editing by multiple users.

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The new structure provided comments for easier tracking of comments to the contrary the text to which they relate. Added new navigation pane, which allows you to quickly navigate between documents, improved support for dictionaries and the Styles pane, allowing you to apply styles to the entire document.

Most of the functionality already exists in the current version of Office for Mac, but now everything looks a little more polished.

In Excel, the change is more significant. If you work with both Windows and Mac, Office 2016 for Mac, it introduced the same shortcut. In Office for OS X now along with cmd + Shift, you can use Ctrl + Shift. Adds support for printing in pdf format, tools for working with formulas and improved AutoComplete.

PowerPoint got superior presentation mode, a new version of the transition between slides and an overview of all available animation in the slide pane. A new kind of presentation you can see next to the slides, notes and additional animation transition between slides is designed to enliven presentations. Changes in PowerPoint a bit, but they also aim at rapprochement with the Windows version.

Office for Mac 2016 entered in Outlook and OneNote, which are already available for several months on a Mac as separate programs. Outlook for iOS received high marks, but the version for OS X is slightly not live up to them. There are problems with the initial process of adding your account does not support full-screen mode, cheap office 2016 product key sale and the application is not optimized to work with Microsoft’s own

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In the rest of the app is a good combination of e-mail, calendaring, and contact management for those already familiar with Outlook and relies on Exchange in their daily activities.

The speed of Office for Mac 2016 does not become appreciably higher than in version 2011, and there she was far from ideal. But despair early because this is only a preliminary version, and over performance Microsoft promises more work.

Due for release this summer for Office 365 cloud service subscribers. Also it is planned to sell and package applications separately, but the date and the price is not yet named. If you would like to try the new Office at work, go to this link on the Microsoft website and download yourself a free beta version 2.66 GB size.


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