Suite Office 2016 for Mac: rapprochement with Windows


Microsoft continues to bet on the issue of cross-platform applications that must have a single interface. Already represented Office 2016 for the operating system Apple OS X.

Soon, five years will have passed since when Microsoft released version Office 2011 suite for Mac, that happened in October 2010 year. The final version of Office for Mac 2016 is not yet ready for release, so March 5 developers have released a free pre-release version for Mac users on OS X, giving users office 2016 for mac product key the opportunity to get acquainted with the results of their labors.

Microsoft Office suite spread pays a lot of attention already releasing it to Apple’s iPad tablet, integrating applications to cloud storage, Dropbox and purchasing application Acompli Office, which became the basis for iOS and Android. Office for Mac 2016 will become another product, windows key activator online resulting from Microsoft’s emphasis on cross-platform applications, and now it will be comparable with Windows option.

The first thing that catches your eye when you are installing Office for Mac 2016, this light and bright user interface. Compared to him the option year 2011 looks outdated.

But its interface is not completely has been replaced-the new version looks like a combination of Design Office for Windows and Office for Mac 2011.

The result was a familiar tape the Ribbon user interface, combined with the appearance of OS X and system functions, such as sandboxing applications, full screen office mac product key free mode and Retina display, under which the new Office is optimized.

As in Office 2013 for Windows, Microsoft Office integrated in 2016 for Mac support to its cloud-based storage. This means that Office 365, OneDrive OneDrive, Sharepoint and business became part of the Office. If you use OneDrive to store and edit documents on the Tablet iPad or Windows laptop, then you get the ability to quickly access and with Office for Mac 2016. Strategy of cross-platform applications, Microsoft, working in the cloud, became a reality, and the puzzle was based on one of the last pieces.

Word 2016 on Mac looks like iOS and office 2016 mac keygen Windows options. Microsoft has introduced support for the “sponsors”, i.e. simultaneous editing by multiple users.


The new structure provided comments for easier tracking of comments to the contrary the text to which they relate. Added new navigation pane, which allows you to quickly navigate between documents, improved support for dictionaries and the Styles pane, allowing you to apply styles to the entire document.

Most of the functionality already exists in the current version of Office for Mac, but now everything looks a little more polished.

In Excel, the change is more significant. If you work with both Windows and Mac, it introduced office 2016 for Mac the same shortcut. In Office for OS X now along with cmd + Shift, you can use Ctrl + Shift. Adds support for printing in pdf format, tools for working with formulas and improved AutoComplete.

PowerPoint got superior presentation mode, a new version of the transition between slides and an overview of all available animation in the slide pane. A new kind of presentation you can see next to the slides, notes and additional animation transition between slides is designed to enliven presentations. Changes in PowerPoint a bit, but they also aim at rapprochement with the Windows version.

Office for Mac 2016 entered in Outlook and OneNote, which are already available for several months on a Mac as separate programs. Outlook for iOS received high marks, but the version for OS X is slightly not live up to them. There are problems with the initial process of adding your account does not support full-screen mode, and cheap office 2016 product key sale the application is not optimized to work with Microsoft’s own

In the rest of the app is a good combination of e-mail, calendaring, and contact management for those already familiar with Outlook and relies on Exchange in their daily activities.

The speed of Office for Mac 2016 does not become appreciably higher than in version 2011, and there she was far from ideal. But despair early because this is only a preliminary version, and over performance Microsoft promises more work.

Due for release this summer for Office 365 cloud service subscribers. Also it is planned to sell and package applications separately, but the date and the price is not yet named. If you would like to try the new Office at work, go to this link on the Microsoft website and download yourself a free beta version 2.66 GB size.

How to activate Windows 10 after a clean installation?


Many PC users who have updated Windows 7 and 8.1 to Windows 10 and now want to perform a clean installation of Windows 10, but do not know how to activate the OS after such a procedure.

As promised a few months ago, Microsoft allows users to perform a clean installation of Windows 10 after upgrading from Windows 7 and 8.1. To help users to securely download the correct Windows 10 Edition, Microsoft has also released Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, but did not provide windows 10 product key generator detailed information about activating Windows 10 after a clean installation.

Legal Windows 10 activation without product key

According to Microsoft, if you upgraded your current computer with Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 using the free updates and Windows 10 successfully passed the activation, you may not need Microsoft Windows 10 Professional License 64-bit to perform a clean installation of Windows 10 on the same PC.

That is, you don’t need to get the product key for the Windows 10 Installer Cleanup on this computer, if you have upgraded from Windows 7 or 8.1 to 10 and successfully activated before a clean installation of the same edition of Windows 10.

For example, if you upgraded your computer to Windows 7 Lenovo Ultimate Edition to Windows 10 Pro (end users automatically receive this publication within the free upgrade) and successfully activated the OPERATING SYSTEM, you can perform a clean installation of Windows Pro 10 on the same machine.


Clean install and activate Windows 10

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Here are the steps you want to go for a clean install of Windows 10:

Step 1: download the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft using the aforementioned us tool. Make sure to download the correct edition.

Step 2: prepare a bootable USB drive with Windows 10 or bootable DVD, and boot from Windows 10 Professional key the media by making appropriate changes to the BIOS/UEFI.

Step 3: If you are installing Windows 10, you will see the following screen, where you will be asked to enter the product key for Windows 10. Because you don’t have it, go to the next step, skipping window (“Skip”).

Step 4: complete the installation. That’s all, your Windows 10 will be activated site automatically connect your computer to the Internet.

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But, if you still get error activation, do not hesitate to communicate with Microsoft support or request a callback from their support.

Note that the above method is provided by Microsoft, and is not somehow bypass Windows 10 activation illegal method.

How to activate Windows 10? Get free windows 10 product key


Windows 10-the latest version of the OS from Microsoft. And, it appears that it will stay on computers for a long time: some even say that all subsequent will be only her updates. The more actual Windows activation becomes 10. Let’s be honest, not everyone uses for this legitimate means like shopping in a store, when in the vast network have the Windows Activator 10.
Below I’ll talk about the various methods of activation. As well as what to do if not activated Windows 10.

1. Why should I activate Windows 10
And why fool yourself head some activation? Older versions of the same somehow worked without it. Indeed, in the “top ten” such treatment too. But let’s see what will happen if you choose not to activate Windows 10 and try to continue working.
Light cosmetic changes like dropping your desktop background and constantly majachashhego to activate notifications can be called florets. The lack of official support is also windows 10 activate key unlikely to severely confuse. And here is the inability to properly configure personalization already makes zaerzat’ on a Chair. But the most unpleasant is a permanent automatic reboot after a few hours of work. And who knows what else will come up with Microsoft engineers in the following updates. So the issue with activation better decide soon.
2. How to activate Windows 10?

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To activate the operating system provides for the use of digital licenses or 25-digit key.
Digital license allows you to get activated Windows without entering the key. This way actual free license upgrade seven or eight, while buying “dozens” in the shop Windows, as well as for test participants an Insider’s Preview. In this case, the system is automatically activated after establishing a link with the Internet and data processing on Microsoft servers.
If you buy a key for Windows 10 during installation, you will need to enter this key when prompted. Activation occurs automatically after you connect windows 10 activation key generator to the World Wide Web. Similarly, the authentication is performed on a clean installation.

2.1. activate Windows 10 by phone

If there is no Internet connection or Microsoft too loaded and do not meet (this also happens), works 10 to activate Windows by phone. I must say that the search for the appropriate item on the menu and settings longer than to do so:
Press Win + R, type slui 4 and press Enter.
A window will appear with the choice of countries, select your option and click Next.
Call remains that will show system and clearly follow the instructions with an autoresponder. It is better to get ready to record what will be pronounced.
Then enter the activation code 10 Windows, and then click windows 10 activation key free 2016 Activate Windows.
As you can see, nothing complicated.


2.2. how to buy key for Windows 10

If you need a product key for Windows 10 license key from older versions of the OS like XP does not work. You will need to precisely forecast 25-character code. Here’s what are ways to get it: along with the box OS (if you decide to go to shop for drive), along with a digital copy of the OS (the same, but in the official online store, for example, on Microsoft’s website) or through a volume license or MSDN subscription.

The last of the legitimate options is key on the device, which is sold with “ten” on board. If necessary, it just should be entered when prompted. Frankly speaking, it’s not the cheapest option-unless you really need a new Windows Tablet or smartphone.
2.3. How to activate Windows 10 keyless

And now I will tell how to activate Windows 10 if no key-that is good old pirate fashion. Note that according to the license agreement you must not do this, and according to the law, too. So proceed at your own risk.
So, if you are looking for, how to activate Windows 10 without a key and without buying a license for hard earned money, you will need an Activator. Their online a lot, but choose carefully. The fact of the matter is that the scammers have adapted to mask them most real viruses. When you try to use the “Activator” you only infect a system can lose data, and at worst recklessly enter credit card data and lose all their savings.
3. Program to activate Windows 10
A good program to activate Windows 10 effectively bypass protective mechanism and make the OS as docile, hand dog. A good program will not put you advertising or brake system. A good program is primarily a KMSAuto Net. Firstly, it is constantly updated and improved. Secondly, really solves the problem, how to activate Windows 10 free and forever. Well, until Microsoft learns her block, and until a new version of Activator. Thirdly, the creator of the program Ratiborus on the Forum leads a huge topic, where it answers windows 10 key sale questions and puts up-to-date versions of their product.

3.1. Windows 10 KMS Activator

For Windows 10 KMS activator can be called the best tool. Firstly, a very long time in development, so that the experience of the author does not hold. Secondly, it is easy for casual users. Thirdly, works fast.

Windows activation 10 KMSAuto Net, the most convenient, in my opinion, the version of the program Windows 10 Professional key copes effortlessly. Note that for normal operation it may need .NET Framework (on many computers he is).
Will list its main features:
a very simple program, requires no special knowledge to use;
There are advanced mode for those who need some tweaks;
verifies activation (all of a sudden you have all worked and you didn’t know);
supports the whole range of systems from Vista to 10;
supported server versions of OS;
along the way, it can activate MS Office up-to-date versions;
uses a set of tools to bypass activation mechanism, and by default chooses the optimum.
And yet she is provided with instruction in several languages, including Russian. It detailed the intricacies of work in different modes and other advanced information.
So, how to use it. Here are step by step instructions.
1. First, of course, download and install. If you do not want to install-download the portable version (portable).
2. Run the program with administrator rights: windows 10 Pro product activation key right click on the icon, choose Run as administrator.
3. This will open the main window, where there are two buttons-activation and Information.
4. information will show you the status of Windows and Office. If you make sure that you want to activate.

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5. Click Activate. The utility itself will pick up an optimum way and hold the activation. And then write the results in the output field just below the buttons. Make sure there stated that the activation has been implemented.
Now configure the automatic bypass activation-install your KMS service. This is a special service that replaces the corresponding protective system from Microsoft, so check the key on the local machine. In other words, your computer will think that checked the activation from Microsoft, although actually it is, naturally, not so.
6. Go to the System tab.

7. Click install KMS Service. The button changes to “running”, then the utility otraportuet of successful installation. Finish, the system is activated and will now apply to the buy windows key Activator online service to check the status.

If you do not want to install an additional service, you can configure the Windows Scheduler. Then he will make a “shot” (re-activate if necessary) after the specified number of days. To do this, on the System tab in Scheduler section, click create task. The Activator may warn that creates a task in the program folder-agree with him.
And now a couple of words about advanced mode. If you go to the about tab and click the professional mode, there would be a few more tabs from settings.

But it is for those who are important to all sorts of subtleties like IP settings, rather than just the answer to the question how to activate Windows 10. On the Advanced tab, you can save activation data and try the standard activation Utility tab contains several tools to activate.

License key for Windows 10 Pro product activation key


As soon as the light goes out in the new operating system, every PC user is set a couple of issues. How to use the key for the new version of Windows, or how to properly activate the installed OS? On this later!

Before such a task many users: those who have gone through the reservation, and then updated the software to version, and those that got this key by its acquisition. So, today you will learn everything about your license key for Windows 10 Pro product activation key. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the content, and then proceed to action!
In some cases, the Windows key is needed?
Using PowerShell.
Phased implementation.
Back to basics.
Look in the ShowKeyPlus OEM key.
License keys.
How to update a home version of the OS to a professional?

This article is a brief instruction, which allows to find a few options for response to a question related to search keys on Windows 10:

getting key using PowerShell;
How to find clues to the UEFI Windose 10;
the opportunity to receive the key to Windows 10 when using ShowKeyPlus.
In some cases, the Windows key is needed?
The hype about the release of the tenth version of Windows was unjustified. But still, things moved, and many PC users struggling to get the product key of the new generation, which they themselves have established. Glows environment that personal computers have already come out with a new OPERATING SYSTEM that is installed on them. You may also want to note that the bulk of the users are not aware that, in General, fresh windows 10 product key free for the tenth version of the OS they don’t need.


Let’s say you upgraded the operating system on your PC to a newer version. When you do this you are willing to spend on this computer so called clean install. Of course you search Windows key. And believe me, there’s nothing not possible. But special needs this either. Search your key is analogous to that which you get during the injection and further installation of the updated OS.

When you start installing formal system using the disk or memory card, the system will prompt you to enter the key for the tenth version of Windows. But, according to Microsoft, this item you can easily miss. To do this you need to select a row, buy windows 10 key cheap which States that the user activation key is missing. To begin installation, and then the Internet connection. The system will boot independently, and when will be updated, it will start the activation process.

Summing up the above, the following could be inferred. Need key for a tenth of the Windows operating system is justified only for those who use so-called vitrinnym Variant. There are required to enter this key. If you accidentally lose such code for the tenth version of the Windows operating system, do not worry. After all, there is the possibility to recover it in Microsoft support. You need only to call back and call the serial number. Or you can visit the main site, where you can help online consultant.

To install an clean version of the tenth Windows, you need to use a character set that served you for activation of the old operating system. Here suit 7-8 and I-I version of the operating system.

Using PowerShell
If you need a powerful tool that can replace the console and enable quick buy windows key and correct answer to many complex tasks, then you surely need PowerShell. It will automatically decrypt the registry data and displays you the key on Windows 10.

Phased implementation
The following are the registry data windows 10 key 2016 that you must log in Notepad. These data, you need to find and download on the Internet.

Next, you need to save the file without changing its type. Now in the “file type”, you need to specify “text documents”. To find PowerShell, you must score in the search word “power” and then run as administrator.

You need to accept the command you typed: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned. To do this you need to enter the letter Y, indicating your consent (yes) and then confirm by pressing ENTER. Now you need to perform these tasks:

Import-Module D:\win-key.ps1;
Import-Module C:\get-win-key.ps1 to execute its handler.

Now you need to enter the Get-Alternatively. Next, click on the button, confirm you have entered the text. In the “ProductKey” will search your Windows key 10.
Return to basics
In case you purchased a personal computer with a licensed windows 10 key sale tenth version, you will need OEM code. It is located in UEFI motherboard. In the console write:

You need key only when you decide to return to your original operating system that was previously on your computer. Look into ShowKeyPlus OEM key
ShowKeyPlus-auxiliary computer program.

Buy Windows Key Tools Will Kickstart Your Productivity

Browse the Key From the License of Authenticity Sticker
In the event you have a Home windows 7-era PC, in which good chance the PC’s key is a single key the maker uses for all their PCs. Because of “System Locked Pre-installation, inches you’re not allowed to use that key to install Windows. Should you try to Buy Windows Key, you’ll get error text messages about the key being invalid.

To check, likely to need to look for a certificate of genuineness sticker on your desktop. The COA sticker verifies that the computer came with an traditional copy of Glass windows, and that sticker has a product or service key printed on it. You have to pick that product key to reinstall Windows-and, if the manufacturer used System Locked Pre-installation, that key is different from the one your personal computer arrived with in software.

The best way to get access to your product truth is with a third-party utility, and there is nobody better at those than NirSoft. Their resources are always crapware-free, and are always really useful. The only issue with this particular utility is that some antivirus will find it as an incorrect positive, because some malware might try to steal your product key.

Note: the NirSoft keyfinder won’t always work for OEM computers, depending how they decided to switch on the licenses. If your OEM installed your computer and used a solitary key for all their PCs, this won’t work. Additionally, it doesn’t work for Office 2013.
Examine your computer to find the key. On a laptop, it can be at the underlying part of the laptop. In case your laptop has a detachable battery, it can be under the battery. If there’s some kind of compartment you can open, it might be in there. It could even be stuck to the laptop’s charger brick. Whether it’s a desktop, look quietly of the desktop’s circumstance. If it’s not there, examine the top, back, bottom level, and anywhere else it might be.